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WHAT IS Switchfin ?

  • Switchfin is an Open Source uClinux/Asterisk based distribution running on top of Blackfin CPUs from Analog Devices www.analog.com DSP processors.

    The Switchfin source code can be obtained from our SVN repository For more information please take a look at the corresponding FAQ sections.

    The compilation results are:
    - uBoot for the hardware target you have select
    - image file you need to load in your target so you turn the hardware in the useful PBX.
  • History
    Switchfin is an branch of Astfin (astfin.org) telephony uClinux/Asterisk based distribution.
    Why this project was created?
    Well at the beginning of 2010 me and few colleagues I was working with, had become one of the major contributors for Astfin 2.1 project. The project father Mark however has shared with us that he wants Astfin to migrate a bit out of telephony area which is not exactly what we see its future. We want to work on a purely telephony oriented project and that's why we have created Switchfin.

    Let's wish Switchfin to become useful peace in the global open source society.