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What hardware Switchfin can run on?

Date added:
Friday, 02 April 2010
Last revised:
Saturday, 03 April 2010
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Switchfin is an open source uClinux telephony distribution running on Blackfin based CPUs.
Currently the supported hardware targets are
  • Analog PBXs - IP01, IP01p, IP02, IP04, IP08 (Manufactured by Atcom)
  • Digital PBXs - BR4 Appliance and PR1 Appliance (Copyright by SwitchVoice)

Keep in mind that with a small modifications Switchfin can run on a virtually any Blackfin based system.
We encourage everybody willing to add support for its hardware in Switchfin

Where can you purchase those hardware?
One option is to contact the manufacturers directly.
Switchfin software however is supported by SwitchVoice Ltd. so if you would like to support
Switchfin activity we encourage you to purchase your target from SwitchVoice Ltd.