Switchfin for IP02/IP04/IP08 PBXs Print
Saturday, 06 March 2010 21:21

Today we have finished the initial tests of Switchfin running on IP02/IP04/IP08 hardware targets.
A successful SIP - DAHDI call was made. The update has been commit in the Switchfin trunk

IP0x are working well driven by Astfin 2.0 software why should we bother upgrading to Switchfin?
Well Switchfin provides series of advantages and new features. Some of those listed below

  • New Linux kernel 2.6.28
  • New Asterisk 1.4.28
  • DAHDI driver replaces Zaptel
  • UBIFS file system replaces the old YAFFS
  • spandsp 0.0.6
  • Various of new packages like SSMTP, N2N, ATFTP, VIM, etc.

The current status of the Switchfin for IP0x is beta and is not recommended for production environments.
The GUI is something which needs to be finalized.

Beta testers are invited.

Have fun!