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Asterisk 1.6 integrated in Switchfin PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 01 May 2010 08:46

The latest Asterisk 1.6.2 was integrated in Switchfin trunk

In the configuration menu of the building process a selection Asterisk 1.4/1.6 was implemented.
Asterisk 1.6 offers series of new features like shown below. Keep in mind that for now Asterisk 1.6
is experimental and is not recommended for production environments.

Asterisk 1.6 New features:

Asterisk Manager Interface

  • Support TLS and HTTPS
  • Many headers renamed for consistency
  • Direct support for JSON output for AJAX applications
  • New 'Bridge' action to connect two existing channels
  • Added many methods for configuration file management
  • Version number of interface has been changed so application developers can know what features are available and which version of Asterisk is being used

Asterisk Dialplan

  • Custom device state creation and queries
  • 'Lock' support for dialplans which need to be able to run code in an exclusive method
  • More functions to query hints, system information, manipulate Caller ID parameters
  • Ability to generate custom DUNDi queries and parse results
  • Ability to generate custom ENUM queries and parse results
  • 'Bridge' application to connect a channel to any existing channel

SIP channel driver

  • Improved NAT support and support for STUN
  • Registrations to external servers can be stored in Realtime database
  • Support for T.140 realtime text
  • Support for T1 and B session timers
  • Experimental TCP and TLS support

Voicemail system

  • Message Waiting Indications now use generic event system, and mailbox polling has been eliminated
  • As a result, MWI events can be distributed among multiple Asterisk servers, meaning it is now possible to have SIP endpoints registered to a different server than the one that holds their mailboxes
  • Implemented fullyfeatured SMDI support for support of legacy PBX systems

Call Detail Records

  • ODBC and PostgreSQL drivers now support 'adaptive' column mapping, making it easy to fill database columns with variables from the dialplan
  • CDR variables can now be included in AMI events when cdr_manager module is used
  • CDR variables can now be posted to SQLite3 databases



  • New console channel driver that uses portaudio to work on many platforms (and also supports video)
  • Jitterbuffer support in the local channel driver can be used for applications that need it
  • SS7 (both ETSI and ANSI) support in PSTN channel driver
  • Channel driver for Nortel i20xx series IP phones
  • Dozens of new features in queue (ACD) application
  • Support for Realtime in MeetMe conferencing, to easily support scheduled conferences
  • Speech recognition support in AGI
  • Resampling support for various audio sampling rates, so narrowband (8KHz) and wideband (16KHz) channels can be connected
  • Integrated, templatedriven
  • phone provisioning module for any phone that can be provisioned over HTTP or HTTPS
  • Realtime support for Web services, through the use of CURL to perform lookups and post data
  • Realtime support for LDAP databases
  • Support for use of LUA as a dialplan language